i chain myself in this chamber for quiet some times

April 14, 2010 at 4:28 pm (Uncategorized)

guess what..yupp im lonely again..aq xrase nk couple..ni bkn soal pasangan @ soal cinte..ni soal hati yg aq rase hati aq sgt kosong..without smile..adekah ini yg telah menyebabkan aq makin hr makin senyap..mungkin ye..aq lebih rela berkurung dlm blk rather than to have few mates around me..am not afraid to stand up for my own right but for some reasons i really don’t want to..despite of being the very outspoken one but i’ve let my dreams flow away..i’ve conceal numerous obstacle that i endure for such a long time..loneliness have conquest my life n smile has fade out from my face..those metal song has no longer enticeĀ  me towards happiness..for over 20 years i endured this difficulty..Confronting this was not as easy as it looks..i have hyperhidrosis for my antire life guyz..I’ve suffer much then you’ve though..the fakes smile I’ve given you guys is to conceal my burden..don’t you ever judge me if you don’t even know what i endure in life..glimpse of someones flaws has cause detrimental effects on my life..acknowledge this facts to public is not that easy as it is..why am i so quiet..you guess..as i was saying earlier , don’t you ever judge me by just looking on my looks..what have i confront in life is not as easy as 1 2 3..wasn’t born in a wealthy family, wasn’t the chosen one + being the idiot among the smarts are the most unforgettable scene in life..speechless when they say its me that cause troubles in the fact that my existence are an obstacles in others life..

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